Premium Career Services

We are also building up the marketplace to help you connect with executive search firms worldwide. All the premium services below are provided by our partners & independent top notch job consultants. Coaching from an experienced recruiter can maximize your chance of success. 

Interview Preparation Session

Book an 1:1 mock interview preparation session with industry experts to help you land your dream job. Develop industry context with case studies and Build the confidence to answer common technical and HR questions.

Career mentoring

Book an 1:1 Career mentoring LIVE online sessions with experienced industry professionals.  You will get guidance on the career path that’s right for you and get suggestions on setting your short term and long term career goals

Job Hunting Premium Services  

You will get access to dedicated consultants who would help in detecting the right opportunities from top organizations relevant to your profile, experience and your expectation. 

Our job consultant will assess your profile and experience and based on that would define the roles & the list of the organizations that would be most appropriate for you. This is premium job hunting services which gives you guarantee for a call for an interview.  To know more about the service, please schedule a call with our team.