Acquiring New Customers from Social Media

Let me take an example of how cloud computing solution

Addressing Employee Motivation

Extrinsic rewards create only short-term pleasure, but intrinsic rewards like

Addressing Employees Behaviour for Cyber Security

Many organizations would focus on securing themselves on an IT

Biases Undermining Transformation

The existence of bias in your organization can undermine your

Building & Testing Transformation Strategy

You cannot afford to ignore the importance of digital innovation


As we have seen, play can revolutionize market research, help

Connected Worker

The industry is facing challenges in addressing the needs of

Creating a Network of T-Shape Profile

It is crucial to evaluate the people you have and

Crowdsourcing Resume Evaluation

Human resources in large organizations are overloaded with the task

Customer Journey Map

The customer journey may differ from one customer to another

Deeper Engagement with Customers

Some brands are also directly engaging with consumers to promote

Deriving Deeper Insights from Personas

Pharma company Pfizer solved the unaddressed problems of erectile dysfunction

Design for Service – Industry 4.0

Product-Service Systems (PSS), as an extension to modern manufacturing such

Designing Future-Ready Enterprise

For designing a future-ready enterprise, first, you need to identify

Destroy your Business

As we have discussed in the earlier chapters, the extent

Detecting Opportunities for Transforming Operations

For a COO to achieve operational excellence, he needs to

Digital Twin of an Organization

A Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO) refers to a

Digital Well-being

Does your employee matter to you? If yes, then why

Eagle Racing Collaborative Team Practices

Imagine that you are part of a team of high-level

Enterprise Crowdfunding

You might have already heard about how people are using

Finding Key Influencers to Drive Transformation

Influencers are arguably the most powerful tool for a business

Fostering Creativity & Innovation

Creating an environment of creativity and innovation is the foundation

Games for Building Agile Organizations

Amazon, Netflix, and a few others were the first movers

Humanized Multi-criteria Decision-Making Tool

As a natural and integral part of any company’s management

Immersive Experience for Health Care

VR in Disability Recovery Disability is a fatal situation that

Immersive Experiences for Brand Awareness

There are half a billion tweets sent in a day;

Improving Business Collaboration Using Extended Reality

Timely commissioning of naval vessels is highly critical for nations

Improving Customer Experience

One of the customers ‘Reed Hastings’ was so irritated when

Improving Employee Experience

Employee Experience is about improving employee engagement at all the

Improving Engagement in Service Desk

Companies and customers can create value and wealth together. Fujitsu

Improving Participation in Meetings

In meetings, there is a common problem of having more

Improving Supply Chain Performance

Managing the supply chain (starting from the acquisition of raw

Incentivizing Sellers to get access to missing data

Marketing is a function which can be disrupted digitally; however,

Involving Customers to Solve Problems

Crowdsourcing techniques in games have always been dominant in solving

Large Scale Design Thinking Virtual Workshop

When workplaces become digital, more and more people work virtually

Learning by Watching

How people are learning is changing, and the technology and

Literacy & Changing Investment Habits

Games are compelling when it comes to changing investment habits

Managing Attention

Nir Eyal- an author of best-selling books, Hooked and Indistractable,

Market Research and Understanding Customer

Technology leaders need to closely work with business transformation leaders

Modelling of Digital Playground

Modelling can help us in understanding the critical business challenges,

New ways of Managing Change

In large-scale transformation programs, it takes time to get the

New ways of Testing Software

Ross Smith, director of the Microsoft testing group, had a

Partnership Strategy

In most businesses, Time & Speed to market (buy) are

Peer to Peer Video-Based Communication

Steve Knight, INSEAD Adjunct Professor of Business Communication, is doing

Persuading to Adopt Innovation

Persuading people to adopt an innovation is a challenge faced

Predicting & Detecting Disruptive Forces

We all know Uber – the world’s largest taxi company

Re-imagining Airport Experiences

The transformation initiatives in the Airline industry are reaching new

Re-imagining Exploration Process for OIL & Gas

ABB delivers a process control system to control the processes

Re-imagining Social Businesses

In the ancient Greek days, if you wanted to propose

Reimagining Talent Acquisition

Job seekers are not satisfied and feel that the right

Setting Up Innovation Policies

The majority of innovations fail, and the cost of the

Setting up Multiplayer Business Canvas

Games can help in visualizing your organization’s business models &

Sharing Assets with just one single click

The success of the enterprise collaboration platform depends on the

Simulators to track competitor activities

It is quite possible that your organization has not yet

Smart Workplace Experiences

There has been a change in the nature of workspaces

Social Listening

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, social media influences 78% of consumers during

Socrates – Interesting way of Questioning

In authoritarian and hierarchical culture, due to the submissive behaviour

Solving the Challenge of Knowledge Silos

Deloitte, one of the largest consulting firms, whose 200,000 consultants

Status Tracking & Measuring ROI

In a manufacturing plant, any line stoppage due to IT

Think Digital Playground

We are in the second half of the chessboard (coined

Top 3 Transformational Value

N Chandrasekaran (who took over as the chief of the

Transforming Cost Centre into revenue-generating units

Leaders in many of the organizations tend to ignore the

Transforming Culture & Managing Change

According to CIO Magazine, transformational leadership is a leadership style

Uberization of services

There are various start-ups which have developed a platform for

Understanding Exponential Technologies & their Impact

When I think about the future of digital technologies, an

Usability Analysis

Usability is one of the key drivers for improving customer

Using AI to Improve Employee Engagement

Modern business models are rapidly adapting digital platforms and moving

Using Productivity Suites to Revolutionize the Workplace

The millennial workforce has different expectations. They need an environment

Video-Based Tools to Support Collaborative Innovation

Innovation has been an important key driver of organizational renewal

Volkswagen- The Fun Theory of Change

Fun is the easiest way of changing behaviour. To prove

VUCA Learning Experience

Let me share my experience on the LEILA project[i], which

What Drives Digital Transformation

Across all industries, Digital Transformation is a boardroom agenda. CIOs