About Us

Our vision is to bring together participants having multiple perspectives and diversified experiences to develop leaders in all the sectors of society.   After having a discussion, with various universities & bootcamps, we have learned that service providers give importance to experience which cohort shares with each other in the classroom. They always have a challenge in getting the diversified candidates to bring different perspectives to the classroom. To address this challenge, we are creating a model to reach a large audience around the globe to create awareness  & attract the right talent for the program.

We can help you in choosing the right program and also taking your profile to universities & boot camps which fits your needs.  You can share your profile and connect with our experts to find the right program to fulfill your needs. This is just a place where we help you in choosing the right program. To secure the admission, you would have to complete the application formalities on the university’s website.

We are also building a  social learning & virtual networking platform where we learn from instructors, industry experts & each other. This is the private platform and our advisor will enroll you into relevant social learning and networking group based on your interests.  In this social learning platform, you get an opportunity to learn from instructors, industry experts and peers having similar interests.

We are also building a world’s largest global market place connect learners with advisors, tutors, bootcamps & headhunters.  This is also the private platform and our advisor will connect you with curated service provider based on your needs.